The market most valuable
Assets Business Composable Platform

Asset-Based Business

The real present of technology consulting

Supported by Assets

By 2025 25% of consulting clients' spending will be in ABB (Gartner).

Speed to value

Customers demand more value with better time to market.

We develop products and solutions
that are in tune with businesses

NTT DATA has the capabilities to provide an End2End value proposition
merging the best of our consulting services.


Built to accelerate time-to-market and make business more efficient.


Increased scale with proprietary end-to-end products.


Generating synergies and cost effiencies.


Ecosystem of products and solutions integrated with industry challenges.


Composable solutions to transform and scale up quickly.

A Syntphony for everyone, every country, every industry

Aligning business strategy with technology

An Ecosystem in Harmony

Software players from all backgrounds come together in tune to bring out their very best selves. Just like in the greatest symphony performances.

Overture to business

Text about international presence in markets, number of continents or countries.

map of presence of Syntphony by NTT DATA. List of countries: Mexico, Brazil...

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