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Clonika is a platform that integrates technical capabilities such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Virtual Assistants, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Business, Process Management (BPM), with a modular approach to allow End2End transformations to be carried out As a Service (SaaS), making the solution more flexible when adapting to changes under very competitive cost conditions.

Easy robot incorporation

Ease of incorporating new robots and dealing with the variability of operations.

A digital workforce always available

Digital workforce available 24/7/365, service is continuous 365 days a year.

Accuracy increased

Significant increase in accuracy with virtually instantaneous responses in critical processes.

Optimization due to collaboration

Promotion of collaborative work in the redesign and optimization of current processes.

More employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction when performing value-added tasks.

Reporting of every action

100% report of robot and human actions.

Clonika is an Intelligent Automation Platform that helps big companies to accelerate their automation strategy safely, regardless of their level of technological maturity, providing the necessary technology to improve the efficiency of any business process and minimizing risks in the process. of transformation End2End, by taking advantage of the global talent and experience of NTTDATA.

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