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A holistic digital customer engagement solution for automotive retail.

Customers expect a superior customer experience - Car dealers must utilize a central customer data profile to allow personalized engagements through new digital channels. Customer interest driven digital campaigns and offers will allow new customer wins and increase customer loyalty.

Get to know your customers better with the 360° customer profile. Optimize your data quality and reach your customers across all digital channels.

360° customer view

All contact, vehicle, service, location and business data and interests are mapped in a customer profile.

Digital automation processes

Save time while creating relevant relationships with your customers through Full integration over existing systems: Our cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates into your system landscape without the need to procure new infrastructure. Existing data is integrated.

Increase customer loyalty

Through personalized content, tailored campaigns and real-time loyalty Programs

Driver.Centric is a holistic platform for digital customer contacts: The 360° customer profile makes all interactions with customers and prospects visible at a single view: When was the last workshop visit? Has an offer been made? When does the vehicle guarantee expire? Which additional offers would be relevant?

With the Driver.Centric app, you make your customers digitally accessible and can thus offer exclusive offers and content based on the individual interests of the customers.

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