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Finbow for Business & Finbow Lite, a financial-actuarial planner created with a methodology based on criteria of objectivity and uniformity to guarantee financial well-being and full control of assets. The goal is to provide solutions to find tranquility and economic well-being at every stage of life.

Finbow for Business is aimed for professionals in the financial and insurance sector to accompany and advise their clients, carrying out didactic and simple planning in different scenarios, providing them with a combination of both financial and insurance solutions.

Finbow Lite an individual financial planner for the users to have a vision of their financial situation, obtaining medium and long-term solutions in order to face each stage of their life.

For professionals in the financial and insurance sector

Business increase

Attracting more and better customers, making the current segment profitable and increasing its link with the entity.

Linking method

Having a standard model for the entity is key to its positioning.


Allows you to maintain contact with customers in any situation, facilitating remote business activity.


Provides objective information that facilitates conversations between professionals and their clients with close dialogues to solve investment, forecasting and protection needs.


Develops a product offer based on the horizon and suitability of customers.

For the end user


With a simple step, it provides the information that the user needs to make a first personalized study, identifying the risks, possible patrimonial imbalances and proposing solutions to cushion them.


Offers a real scenario of the client's situation and the possible risks that can be faced throughout each stage of his life through objective criteria.

Personalized planning

The client obtains a short, medium and long-term vision of their finances, as well as the recommended solutions to face each vital stage and channels towards obtaining expert advice with professionals in the sector.

Finbow offers three-step financial planning dynamics:

• Customizes the scenario to offer the real financial situation of each user.
• Detects the main risks that may affect the user's family economy.
• Identifies and proposes solutions according to the desires of investment, forecasting and protection of the user.

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