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Brilliant Technologists

At syntphony, the Product platform by NTTData, we are looking for great people who love technology (UX, Tech, Product, Delivery…) to create the next generation of products and services.

Your focus will be on designing, building and operating technical products efficiently. This requires creativity, passion and laser focus, especially on the client.

Regardless of which role or product we work on, Syntphony is about customer value, reliability, teamwork and having fun. Please don’t apply if you are not fun.​

The Team

Our technologists are smart and get things done. They are excellent communicators, exude passion and love to deliver outcomes. They are independent, humble and create a lasting impression on customers, partners and coworkers.

syntphony team illustration

Join us if...

You are great at:

  • designing and coding great technical solutions, making trade-offs explicit and explaining them clearly to all audiences
  • creating and executing plans adapting to change as needed
  • seeking opportunities to lead bringing others with yourself in the journey
  • demonstrating your knowledge of cloud architectures / distributed systems specifically along the topics of resilience, security and scalability
  • troubleshooting, designing hypothesis, investigating, locating bottlenecks and explaining possible solutions to others
  • challenging the status quo constructively and propose new approaches
  • delivering maintainable, delightful to operate solutions, with special focus on observability, monitoring and automation
  • thinking with a DevOps mindset: automation, efficiency, feedback loops…
  • seeing the full picture: usability, customer satisfaction, operability, financial impact…

Specific skills:

  • .net / C# / .net core / asp.net core
  • concurrency / isolation
  • SOLID / DDD / OOP / Design Patterns
  • TDD / BDD / ATDD, testing automation in general
  • RESTful APIs design and consumption
  • SQL (T-SQL)
  • working with CI/CD tools

Please don’t rule yourself out if you are not meeting every single requirement. We are recruiting at different levels. Salaries will be in the 30 - 60k range, but flexible.

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syntphony team illustration